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EVOCAL Health Secures First Financing Round to Advance Vocal Biomarker Technology

Successful completion of an initial non-equity financing round

Hamburg (Germany), February 25, 2021: EVOCAL Health, a biopharmaceutical digital health company unlocking the human voice as a biomarker for AI-based detection and treatment of diseases (so-called vocal biomarkers), today announced the succesful completion of an initial non-equity financing round led by IFB Innovationsstarter.

IFB Innovationsstarter focuses in particular on companies with highly innovative products and scalable technological business models. The portfolio includes startups from the fields of digital tech (artificial intelligence, life science, digital healthcare), and industrial tech (electric vehicles, 3D printing, biotech, drones, and aviation).

EVOCAL Health intends to further develop its verbal signal processing core technology, strengthen its patent portfolio, and fund commercialization activities. EVOCAL Health Co-Founder and CEO/COO Philip Mertes: “We are making excellent progress on our biomarker development and product commercialization pathway, and are in the process of further strengthening our IP portfolio. Our interdisciplinary team is growing and we are currently building up valuable partnerships. This external financing enables us to accelerate, and we are delighted about the excellent cooperation with the IFB team.”

EVOCAL Health develops a fundamental technology for the AI-based detection and treatment of respiratory, cardiovascular, and neurodegenerative diseases based on vocal biomarkers. Vocal biomarkers have the potential to fundamentally change the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and open up novel applications with significantly better cost-benefit ratios. They represent a future technology for the digitalization and democratization of healthcare worldwide.

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