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EVOCAL Health & TU Hamburg partner in the field of “Innovation Marketing”

Research transfer project between EVOCAL Health and TU Hamburg in Science Communications

Hamburg (Germany), February 24, 2022: EVOCAL Health, a biopharmaceutical digital health company unlocking the human voice as a biomarker for AI-based detection and treatment of diseases (so-called vocal biomarkers), today announced a research transfer project in the field of science communication with the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) and its Institute of Innovation Marketing (IM).

Making technological innovation and scientific findings accessible to patient audiences in a creative, diverse and effective way, is a fundamental component in building trust between the research community and society at large. In collaboration with Prof. Dr. Christian Lüthje, Prof. Dr. Michael Fretschner, and his students, EVOCAL Health has developed concrete strategies for science and corporate communication based on the latest scientific findings.

EVOCAL Health Co-Founder & CEO/COO Philip Mertes: “Making technological innovation and scientific discoveries accessible and understandable by establishing multi-platform communication channels is an unprecedented opportunity for innovative healthcare companies. Our ambition is to make scientific discoveries accessible for patient audiences in a creative, diverse and modern way.”

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