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A network of leading corporate and scientific collaborators to enter a new era of personalized and patient-specific medicine   

Collaborate with EVOCAL Health

EVOCAL Health is developing customized biomarkers that help diagnose, monitor and predict health conditions across a number of disease areas: independently and in partnership with leading life sciences companies around the world.

From the very beginning we believed that innovating healthcare with patient-centric solutions in the 21st century is all about building synergetic partnerships:

EVOCAL Health partners with leading biopharmaceutical and medtech partners in joint clinical development partnerships that enable both sides to strengthen clinical development, while retaining significant control of our development programs, and participating in future products.

EVOCAL Health's Vocal Biomarker Development Platform


Our goal is to leverage the potential of the human voice as a biomarker for health.


That's why EVOCAL Health has developed a platform technology that enables to gain a better understanding about a patient's disease progression within clinical trials, and to develop novel vocal biomarkers tailored to specific conditions and treatments.

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Device-Agnostic & Cloud-Based

EVOCAL Health - Vocal Biomarker Company Healthcare Cloud Digital Biomarker Clinical Develo

Real-time evidence designed as an engaging user experience

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Integratable via API into existing devices

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Compliant SaMD Software developed under highest EU/US quality standards

SaaS Healthcare Platform for
Clinical Trials and RWE

EVOCAL Health's technology runs on a device-agnostic and cloud-based solution for clinical trials designed to deliver objective, unbiased data about a patient's disease progression and his or her response to a certain treatment or drug. 


The SaaS platform complies with highest GDPR and compliance standards and is leveraged by study sponsors around the globe to improve remote monitoring and patient engagement during clinical trials. Achieve your study objectives using RWD, validated algorithms, and expert data analysis from the scientists at EVOCAL Health.

Biomarker Development and Biometric Analytics Experience

Based on interdisciplinary research and together with our development teams, we customize and design novel biomarkers and (prediction) models for clinical trials and interpret data sets generated from mobile devices, wearables, and other biometric endpoints to enrich evidence during clinical development.


The experienced team provides actionable and non-invasive insights based on real-world data, with specific expertise in cardiovascular, respiratory, and mental or neurodegenerative (rare) diseases.

Learn more about benefits using the platform and work with EVOCAL Health to customize a solution for your clinical research today.

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