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The rise of voice technologies

During the past few years, significant progress has been made in decoding pathophysiological changes within the human body with digital technologies. Today, voice technology is considered as one of the most promising sectors, with healthcare being predicted to be a dominant vertical in voice applications.

Unlocking the human voice

Research has shown that diseases significantly impact the physiology of major sound producing systems, which can then alter an individual’s voice. Therefore, voice analysis using artificial intelligence is considered one of the most futuristic and trending new opportunities for healthcare.

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Using innovative technology, we develop clinically-proven digital diagnostic and therapeutic concepts that uses Vocal Biomarkers and AI to create interventions to prevent, predict and manage health.

Vocal Biomarker Platform


EVOCAL Health has developed a device- agnostic platform that enables to collect, monitor and analyze patient voice data seeking for a multitude of features within the human voice, that are directly correlated to cardiovascular, respiratory, neurodegenerative and mental diseases.


The technology provides a more precise information about a patient’s disease progression in decentralized clinical trials, remote monitoring and patient self management to better prevent, predict and manage health.  

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Device-Agnostic & Cloud-Based

EVOCAL Health - Vocal Biomarker Company Healthcare Cloud Digital Biomarker Clinical Develo

Real-time evidence designed as an engaging user experience

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Integratable via API into existing devices

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Compliant SaMD Software developed under highest EU/US quality standards

Our pipeline 

Focus Areas

Finding innovative solutions

independently and in partnership with life science companies around the world for unmet medical needs is at the heart of what we do.


We are advancing a deep and broad portfolio of Vocal Biomarker candidates in four distinct disease areas.

EVOCAL Health - Vocal Biomarker Company Cardiovascular Diseases.png

Cardiovascular & Cardiometabolic Diseases

EVOCAL health - Vocal Biomarker Company Mental Neurodegenerative Diseases.png

Neurodegenerative & Mental Diseases

EVOCAL Health - Vocal Biomarker Company Cardiovascular Diseases2.png



EVOCAL Health - Vocal Biomarker Company Vital Condition Detection.png

(Medical-Grade) Vital Condition Detection


Awarded and mentored by strong partners with a track-record in science and innovation

EVOCAL Health's interdisciplinary team combines decades of expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning, product management as well as medicine and computer science, and has received multiple awards as one of Germany's most innovative start-ups.

We look forward to connecting with you

Thank you for your interest in partnering with EVOCAL Health.


Please share your your field of interest to enable us to find the right contact person as soon as possible.

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