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EVOCAL Health combines the disruptiveness of a tech startup with the necessary stability of an experienced team to build an grow technologies for the future of healthcare and longevity.

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EVOCAL Health develops clinically-proven digital diagnostic and therapeutic concepts that uses Vocal Biomarkers and AI to prevent, predict and manage health

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EVOCAL Health combines the disruptiveness of a tech startup with the necessary stability of an experienced team to build and grow technologies for the future of healthcare and longevity.

The team consists of an interdisciplinary team with decade-long clinical and technological experience united to solve one of the biggest societal challenges of our time: Leveraging technologies to make healthcare accessible and affordable worldwide.


Our international team combines decades of expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and product management as well as medicine and informatics to develop a new generation of health technologies.

EVOCAL Health has been awarded among the fastest-growing and most innovative companies in Europe and collaborates with leading research institutions, healthcare providers, as well as companies in the biopharmaceutical industry.

The Journey


A first glimpse into the future

Working with verbal signal processing technologies during his early studies, Dirk Simon discovered the potential of the human voice to detect and monitor diseases. Back in the days, voice and speech samples were recorded under laboratory conditions using sophisticated microphones and costly high-performance computers.

1995 - 2020

The convergence of technology is progressing at exponential pace

The convergence of healthcare, data science and technology has progressed at exponential pace. EVOCAL Health set out on a mission to unlock the human voice as a biomarker for health, build up an interdisciplinary team during the pandemic and decide to develop a 21st century Vocal Biomarkers that redefine patient care and reimagine research. EVOCAL Health was born.

Regional Offices

The pandemic accelerated existing trends in remote work and the distribution of talent across the globe. At EVOCAL Health we embrace the chances and are building regional office hubs around the world to enable international talent to join our mission.  

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