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From facility to home: How healthcare could shift by 2025 (McKinsey & Company)

Hamburg (Germany), December 21, 2021: Reimagining health in the home care environment will require patient centric and interconnected technologies with related therapies like remote monitoring, decentralized clinical trials and telehealth. But how can future patient journeys look like?

We at EVOCAL Health believe that healthcare and clinical development will shift significantly by 2025: From facility to home, and improve the quality of care and the patient experience with care in the comfort of their homes and reducing preventable adverse health events.

To examine the current and future impact of this type of care, McKinsey & Company has created hypothetical journeys with care at home for various patient archetypes. A look into the future worth reading.

Source: From facility to home: How healthcare could shift by 2025. McKinsey & Company. 2022.

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