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EVOCAL Health is a digital diagnostics company with the mission of unlocking the human voice as a prognostic and diagnostic biomarker. Using innovative technology, we develop clinically-proven digital diagnostic and therapeutic concepts using Vocal Biomarkers and Artificial Intelligence to create interventions to prevent, predict and manage health.

Dirk Simon (CEO & Co-Founder)

Redefining the Way 
We Move

Dirk Simon discovered the potential of the human voice as a biomarker more than 25 years ago in his early studies. 


He is a Serial Life Science Entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience as Managing Director, Chief Financial Officer and Investor in listed and private companies in the Life Science sector and led previously led the clinical research department at the Institute for Clinical Research of a renowned university.

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EVOCAL Health - Entrepreneur Founder CEO Innovator Commercial Officer Philip Mertes

Philip Mertes (CEO & Co-Founder)

Biomarkers for the Future of Longevity

Philip Mertes is a Silicon Valley trained Product Manager with 10 years of international experience in (Corporate) Venture Development and Product Management, specialized in highly regulated environments in EMEA markets.


With a degree in intellectual property

law and his previous experience in leading the commercialization of innovative technologies into products, he combines a profound business, tech and regulatory expertise.

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Our Journey


Seeing the Future

Working with verbal signal processing technologies during his early studies, Dirk discovered the potential of Vocal Biomarkers to detect and monitor diseases. Back in the days, voice and speech samples were recorded under laboratory conditions using sophisticated microphones and costly high-performance computers.


EVOCAL Health is born

The convergence of healthcare, data science and technology is progressing in exponential pace. Dirk and Philip set out on a mission to unlock the human voice as a biomarker for health, build up an interdisciplinary team during the pandemic and decide to develop a 21st century Vocal Biomarkers that redefine patient care and reimagine research.

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